Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thirty-six ...

is the number of roommates I have had in my lifetime. 

Not including sharing a room with sibling-twins Kelli and Kevin when we were wee lasses and lads.

And I have liked them.

Welll, most of them. Most of the time. ;)

Being so experienced with having roommates, I have decided to share a "How to" with you today. And the best thing is this, it not only works with roommates, but husbands and children too!

Without further adieu ...

How to deal with roommates when they are cookin' your grits

Now, you may not believe me, but there is only ONE, key, essential step to this.

When your roommate {or anyone else you live with} is cookin' your grits ...

You ...

Lock them in a suitcase.

As you can see, I did have assistance from Brother Brent {no, he isn't really my brother}. But the assistance isn't even needed. 

For Mindy, I just threw candy in there and told her to get it.

For Claire, I told her she had a letter from a missionary from Virginia. 

And there you have it.

No applause necessary, just throw money in my general direction.

Next week, a riveting "How to" on sneaking into a parade. 

Happy Sunday, people. :)

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